Micromedics Biomaterials Applicators

Micromedics is the industry leader in biomaterial applicators and Advanced Medical Solutions is proud to be one of its largest distributors. Whether you are a perfusionist looking for applicator options for platelet rich plasma (PRP) or a physician looking for an applicator tip that allows you to optimize your tissue sealants – we have access to numerous applicator assemblies and mixing tips to fit almost any need.

Micromedics Applicators Have Been Used In Open and Closed Procedures Including:

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Advanced Medical Solutions Is The Distributor of Micromedics Products for The State of Wisconsin.

With almost 10 years of experience with the Micromedics biomaterials applicators in a vast array of procedures, we can consult with you on how the Micromedics line of products can help improve your PRP, BMAC or tissue sealant applications, secure competitive pricing and provide you with a supply chain solution.

For a more comprehensive illustration of available biomaterial applicators, please visit the Micromedics website at www.micromedics.com.

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